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Solution focused. Moving forward, living well.

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There's no crying in baseball!

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Betty Vanek, PhD is a life coach who helps you reach a goal or make a healthy positive change in your life. She helps you to set realistic achievable goals and keeps you accountable in the process. She is a Motivator, Strategist, Accountability Partner, Improving your Decision Making Process , Implementation of Problem Solving , Aid in Finding Direction and Focus, Increase Productivity & Efficiency, being Balanced and feel your best Personally and Professionally.

With Betty’s PhD being in health and sport she can help you live a healthy fulfilling life and/or help you achieve amazing levels in sport. She also has certificates in Foundations in Positive Psychology and Well- being. As a Life Coach she primarily focuses on your future, rather than your past. She is solution focused, getting you from point A to point B vs working to solve a personal problem or issue. Some of Betty’s key areas are:

Work-Life BalancePrioritizationHealth & Fitness
SpiritualityWork/School PerformanceGetting & Staying Motivated
Performance GoalsEducational GoalsRelationship Goals
Maintaining Positive ChangeOptimal WellnessShape Your Life and Craft
HappinessWell-BeingGetting “unstuck”

People who work with a life coach generally want; To Achieve Goals and Be Successful, To Find and Maintain Happiness, To Find their Life Purpose, To Be More Confident, Improve Relationships, Improve their personal and professional Quality of Life. Betty immensely enjoys helping you to positively transform your life and your mindset.

She is not a clinical psychologist, licensed psychologist, psychiatrist, or therapist. Coaches usually don’t give advice or tell you what to do. They try to help you find what feels right for you by helping you reveal the answers to yourself through discussion, suggestions, brainstorming and reflection.